Strategist, researcher, & AUTHOR OF THE 25-YEAR-LONG CLIENT STUDY: CLIENTIZE--WHo Gets in, Stays in, and why

FOR OVER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS,I have been on a mission. I wanted to know how clients decide between competing solutions and services to solve strategic challenges they face.

     Simply put, I wanted to know how decision-makers selected one vendor (one professional and solution) over all the other vendors competing for the client's business.  I wanted to know what makes certain professionals and firms stand out above all the rest.

     So, I asked the decision-makers. And guess what they did? They told me. I asked these executives clarifying questions. I asked for specifics. I asked for examples. I took notes and walked out with a notebook full of pages of advice, strategies, tactics, and ideas on how to be successful.  I started sharing my ideas and strategies in presentations and speeches and eventually I wrote the successful book Clientize -Who Gets In, Stays In, and Why. ​

     I applied the ideas--and turned a $3 million office into a $40 million office.  I was promoted--and eventually was hired away by companies that needed to turn-around their sales. 

This website ( was created to help you to advance your career and business. You will find on this site a lot of material designed to help you and your teams become better at what they do.   

       Please take any of the research material I have provided, free of charge, and with no strings attached.


My Good Fortune and My Gratitude

Today, I work for a great company that serves people  less fortunate than most of us. We help people improve their lives, get back on their feet, find employment and achieve their dreams.

     My role is a dream job. I help people who are on public assistance find work, get back on their feet, and hopefully, be excellent at something that fulfills their lives and gives them a sense of purpose. 

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


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What Lawyers Need Me To Say:
For legal purposes, I have to say the following: Neither my current employer nor past employers are affiliated with this website or any of my writing. This website and my writing, only reflect my thoughts, views, and ideas. 


Senior Vice President


“If you know Joe Murphy, you know he lives and breathes this stuff. This is a great resource for professionals who want to better themselves and create exclusive, long-term client partnerships."

Tim Brown

Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing,

Equifax Corporation

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