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Strategist, researcher, & AUTHOR OF THE 25-YEAR-LONG CLIENT STUDY: CLIENTIZE--WHo Gets in, Stays in, and why

FOR OVER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS I have been on a mission. And I still am. I wanted to know how executives decide between competing solutions and services to solve strategic challenges they face.

     I wanted to know how they chose a solution from competing vendors.  I wanted to know why decision-makers only buy from certain firms and certain professionals.

     I wanted to know what these professionals do that others did not do in order to demonstrate their value and their ability to solve and address the challenges.

     The strange thing is, when I asked the decision-makers these questions, they gave me the answers. I could not believe it. And meeting after meeting, I walked out with a notebook full of pages of advice, strategies, tactics, and ideas, on how to be successful and a list of things not to do.

       From here, I started making presentations. I was invited to speak more and more and I became a guest lecturer for business classes to universities and colleges.

​        One day I was looking at my notebooks brimming with the advice clients gave me and thought: what if I wrote these notes down on paper? That was the genesis of the book Clientize-Who Gets In, Stays In, and Why.


I have created this website, so you the reader, can take a look at some of my work and qualifications. Please take any of the research material I have provided, free of charge, and no obligation. 



​       Neither my current employer nor past employers are affiliated with this website or any of my writing. This website and my writing, only reflects my thoughts, views, and ideas.

      I work for a great company that serves people who are less fortunate than most of us. We help people who need help, improve their lives.

       I have been where many of the less fortunate people we serve are. I faced some of their challenges. But I also had the helping hand. Now it is my turn to lend a hand.

         I hope I can provide you the courage, hope, and a vision for your life. That's what I hope I can do for you and others and that's what this website is about.

​        Thanks for stopping by.

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“If you know Joe Murphy, you know he lives and breathes this stuff. This is a great resource for professionals who want to better themselves and create exclusive, long-term client partnerships."



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