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“If you know Joe Murphy, you know he lives and breathes this stuff. This is a great resource for professionals who want to better themselves and create exclusive, long-term client partnerships."

Tim Brown

Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing,

Equifax Corporation


Senior Vice President


Strategist, researcher, & AUTHOR OF THE 25-YEAR-LONG CLIENT STUDY: CLIENTIZE--WHo Gets in, Stays in, and why

FOR OVER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS,I have been on a mission. I wanted to know how clients decide between competing solutions and services to solve strategic challenges they face.

     I wanted to know how decision-makers selected one vendor, one professional, and one solution over all the other vendors competing for the client's business.  I wanted to know what makes certain professionals and firms stand out above all the rest.

       So, I asked the decision-makers. And guess what they did? They told me. At first I was shocked. But I didn't tell them that. I grabbed my pen and notebook and taking notes. After the initial shock wore off, I became a little bold, I asked these executives clarifying questions. I asked for specifics. I asked for examples. 

       I made more notes.  And I walked out with a notebook full of pages of advice, strategies, tactics, and ideas on how to be successful.  I also came out with lists of things not to do.

       I applied the ideas--and turned a $3 million office into a $40 million office. As the office grew, we hired more people. I was promoted--our business grew and I was promoted again. I started sharing my ideas and strategies in presentations and speeches and eventually I wrote the successful book Clientize -Who Gets In, Stays In, and Why.

I created JOSEPHBMURPHY.com for you to advance your career and business. I have placed on this site a lot of material, some from other professionals that has help me and my teams.  

       Please take any of the research material I have provided, free of charge, and with no strings attached.

My Good Fortune and My Gratitude

      I work for a great company that serves people who are less fortunate than most of us. We help people improve their lives. My role is a dream job. I help people who are on public assistance find work, find a purpose in life, and get back up on their feet.

       If you knew where I came from, you wouldn't have bet on me. But someone did and I am forever grateful.

      Someone shook my hand a few years ago and said, "Soft hands. Never worked a day in your life." Some people are that way I guess--saying whatever comes to mind.  It would have been insulting if it wasn't so wrong. If only that person knew . . .   I used to shovel and sling dirt better than anyone. I was one of the best. There's a certain way to hold a shovel in order to throw more dirt further. Only anyone who has shoveled knows what I am talking about. 

      The truth is, when I was shoveling, I never knew there was a life like the one I have now. I am lucky.

       My mother, a single parent, sat at a typewriter typing every night--she had one of the first work-from-home jobs and she was one of the first contractors. She was paid less than a penny for each envelope she typed, and she typed when we were all asleep from midnight to five or six in the morning. I am not sure how she did it--no sleep--to keep the food on the table. She wouldn't go on Welfare or Food Stamps. Too much of a stigma. Too proud.

       She said something to all of us that has stuck with me and I hope sticks with you: You can become anything you want to become. That was her message.

      It's the same message I have for you. Now it is my turn to lend others a hand.

         To engage with Joe Murphy call 770.662.5700 or email him at joe@josephbmurphy.com

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