Dear Reader, Here's My Story:

I am probably a lot like you.I am a professional who wants to be good at what I do. I want to serve my clients in the best manner possible. I want to deliver value, and provide the best solutions and services so they want to business with me.

​       I want to provide the best service, and want to be seen by clients as someone they can trust. I don't sell, I provide clients information, options, and strategies. My approach is to arm the client and allow the client to decide. No tricks, no manipulation, and no pressure. Clients want to be in charge of their decision. My job is to make sure they have all the necessary information they need, using my experience, knowledge, and by establishing a collaborative relationship that allows for cosolutioning sessions.

​       It begins with the question: what is the client trying to achieve and why? What measurable business results does the client need? What timeframe do they need it in? Who needs these results and what will these results do fro each of the stakeholders?

​      In my book Clientize, you will find the best strategies and approaches to win the client's business based on what the client needs--not what you need or want. The ideas in this book have helped countless individuals both in sales and delivery win clients and establish lifelong value-based client relationships.

​      I hope you will buy the book, what has taken me a lifetime to gather (twenty-five years of interviewing clients--individuals who are the stakeholders and decision-makers and influencers--who have to get results for their organizations. This book is written for the sales professional, consultant, practitioner, and delivery manager who wants to build value in the eyes of his or her clients.

If you had only one question to ask clients—what would it be?
If you only had one question to ask clients that would open up the “secrets” of how they decide and choose between vendors and service providers—what would this question be? 

Over the past twenty-five years, I have been obsessed.
I wanted to know why clients buy from one provider of services and solutions over all the other providers. So, I began asking clients this question: 

Why do you prefer to do business with one firm over all the others vying for your business?

To my surprise, clients told me. Even more surprising is clients explained the details why and how. Clients explained why they made their choses, how they made their decisions.

Clients told me:

  • It was not low price or the best solution
  • What they were looking for in a preferred provider of service.
  • They explained what the best professionals did to win their business.
  • They explained how they decided, who was involved in the decision and how the professional became an asset to their organization.
  • They explained the difference between a good professional and an exceptional professional.
  • They explained why many professionals cannot even get in to see them and why.
  • They explained how the exceptional professional communicated and acted and stayed relevant.
  • Clients explained why they chose to stay with one vendor for life and why the role of the professional was critical to their decision.

Executives Praise Clientize:

"Clientize: Who Gets In, Stays In and Why is a landmark book, with thoughtful analysis, certain to become a widely referenced guide for illuminating the darkness surrounding clients selection behaviors. Murphy provides an extensive assessment, examining the mistakes wrought by self-centered professionals and his 7 Strategies to Win Lifelong Clients should serve as a 'gut-check' for conscientious professionals everywhere; reminding us of our vulnerabilities and forcing us to validate our strengths."
Patrick J. McKenna,  seasoned management consultant, co-author of First Among Equals and acknowledged contributor to The Trusted Advisor.

“Joe Murphy has been an admired colleague and friend for over 25 years. Clientize captures Joe’s philosophy and a bit of his unending passion for serving clients. Packed full of helpful tools based on experience, this book offers new insights every time you pick it up.”                  

Rick Miller,  (former) President AT&T Global Services, current CEO Being Chief LLC.

“Clientize is a unique combination of social science and years-long experiences providing a roadmap in the principals and values that enable professionals to secure lifelong clients. It’s a must read for anyone building or running a services firm and looking to drive measurable business results.”

Andy Cvitanov, CEO SDI, Inc. 

"If you know Joe Murphy, you know he lives and breathes this stuff. This is a great resource for professionals who want to better themselves and create exclusive, long-term client partnerships."

Tim Brown,  Senior Vice President Global Sourcing Office, Equifax Inc.

"Clientize is a true roadmap of insight into the principles and values that enable professionals to establish and maintain working relationships that bring about measurable business results for clients."

Joe Moye, President Virtustream (now EMC).

"Joe was different than most other vendors. He really seemed to care about helping me succeed. As a result, Joe quickly earned my trust and respect. The trust I had placed in Joe continued to grow, even after he successfully wrapped up the assignment. Not only did Joe deliver, he allowed me to deliver …. Joe's vast experience, impeccable work ethic, and sound judgment truly makes him a great business partner. However, what impresses me the most about Joe is his character and integrity. He truly cares about his clients."

Todd Cowan, former CIO State of Georgia currently Douglas County Tax Commissioner.

"An engrossing blend of true life anecdotes and theory. A must read for any professional looking for broader, more successful and longer-term client partnerships."

Rovaida J. Saleh, Chair & CEO Cynosure Services Inc.

“As we move to the Cloud, customers are increasingly focused on solutions instead of infrastructure, outcomes instead of projects. In his book, Joe hits a very important theme for the future, "how to continue to be relevant in a cloud based world." Riveting insight and a must read for any leader looking toward the future."

— James Holt, General Manager Microsoft Corporation. 

"This book is spot on. I’ve spent my career developing, maintaining and growing large and complex IT services projects. The long-term winners are always those that see the world from the client’s perspective – and deliver for their clients. This book helps the reader understand why this is so true – and how to do it. Read this book and win true clients for the long-term.”           

Chuck Cliburn, President New Capitol IT Governmental Consulting.