What Business Professionals Are Saying About Joe Murphy (And It's all good)


Joe Murphy has been speaking to a wide-range of audiences through the US, India, and Europe over the past twenty years. Tailored topics include:

  • 7 Strategies To Winning Lifelong Clients
  • Leadership At All Levels--Why It Matters
  • What Clients Want and How You Make the Difference
  • Become Distinct or Become Extinct
  • How to be Relevant--A Value-Based Client Relationship
  • From Lifetime Employment to Lifelong Employability
  • What Bosses Want From You
  • Don't Be a Double SOB (Boss spelled backward)
  • How to be a Complete BADASS at Work (in a good way)


As a part of the speaking engagement Joe Murphy can conduct any number of workshops around winning clients for life, leadership, and strategy.  Below are customized workshops:

  • Client Leadership - What Clients Want from You
  • Deal Strategy: A Strategic Approach to Winning Strategic Business
  • Relevance - A Value-Based Client Relationship
  • Leadership versus Management - How to Inspire Others
  • Negotiate Win-Win Deal Making Strategies from the Frontline